the Sphinx of
the nineteenth century

the most extraordinary woman of our century or any century

a grand and noble individuality

the most remarkable person
that this age has produced

the practical personification
of charity and forgiveness

an oracle, a sphinx, a sybil

an Avatar, a holy incarnation

a great soul

Helena Blavatsky

THE PHENOMENON of the last 2000 years

manifesting the energies
of an immortal

the restless power
of a rushing river

power and knowledge
that belong but to lions and sages

strength, unyielding as a rock

kind and generous
 even to a fault

impulsive and energetic ...
carried into extremes
by noble impulses

neither wholly earthly
nor wholly divine

HPB was a renaissance woman.
She seems to have been able to do almost anything.
And she did most things well.

Helena was a musician and linguist from her earliest years.
She also evidenced other talents, including artistic ones, with little or no training.

She was also an artisan and craftswoman, earning her living at times
producing cravats, advertising cards, _____

Few of her art pieces remain, but we share what is available.
Hopefully, more will be added over time.

Ship Sketch

Sketch done in 1851.

Faust Sketch by HPB

“Margarita and Mephistopheles” (Tiflis, 1862)
 Drawn after the opera “Faustus”
performed by friends, the Metchnikoffs.

Drawing of John King

HPB collaborated in this "self-portrait" of John King done in 1875.
Details of its production can be studied at Blavatsky Archives.

Instant Imprint of Stainton Moses

This piece produced in a few moments as Henry Olcott looked on
was done to give HSO hints about the spiritual development of Stainton Moses.
Details can be found at Mark Russell Bell's Blog.

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